ELKOR is one of the leading retail companies in Latvia. Founded in 1989, today ELKOR has established itself as one of the largest companies in the nation offering a wide range of product assortment in various trading profiles such as fashion merchandise, electronics and home appliances, sporting goods, products for leisure and tourism, children’s goods, furniture, household textiles, home décor and gourmet food. The Company operates under the nameplate ELKOR with specialty stores that include ELKOR SPORT, ELKOR TEHNIKA, ELKOR KIDS, STORANO, ELKOR HOME and podium. In 2019 ELKOR annual sales amounted to 50 million EUR. ELKOR not only offers an impressive product assortment, but also an exceptional customer service. Customer satisfaction stands at the core of our company’s successful 30-year business experience. We have more than 800 sales associates occupying 600,000 square meter spaces, ensuring that all of our clients receive personalized attention. Our expert representatives are able to meet and even anticipate the needs of our client. An elegant shopping atmosphere further complements the individualized attention resulting in superior retail experience. Despite the company’s admirable growth over the years, ELKOR continues to expand and invest in new business strategies. Our most current growth strategy involves enhancing the e-commerce business and expanding our reach beyond the Latvian market, into the United States.



It is hard to believe that the tremendous ELKOR Company began in 1989 selling and manufacturing his own apparel.


The first clothing store was opened at “Sporta Maneza” on Maskavas Street.


Alexandr Popov began to expand his business beyond apparel and opened his first consumer electronics selling point at “Sporta Pils” center.


The brand name ELCOR (abbreviation from ELEKTRONICS CORPORATION) was introduced and the first three full range consumer electronic shops were opened this year.

ELEKTRONIKA store was opened at shopping center “Minska”.

TEHNIKA store was opened on 15 Marijas Street.

Another TEHNIKA store was opened on Kr. Valdemara 37 Street.


In 1995 ELKOR continues to expand its electronic business by opening two more stores in the center of the city offering its clients high-quality electronic products from the best of brands – Panasonic and SONY. ELKOR was the first company to open a SONY store in Latvia.

A PANASONIC store was opened on Brivibas 46 Street.

SONY CENTRS in Riga was opened on Brivibas 88 Street.


This year ELKOR opened yet another store called “DOMOTEHNIKA” on Kr. Barona 44 Street.


This year ELKOR opens a new music store featuring the widest range of audio and video records, another electronics store, and the largest sporting goods store in Riga at that time offering high quality sport equipment, apparel and footwear. This was also the year that the company acquired a new territory of 160’000 square meters.

MDAILE music store was opened in the center of the city on Kr. Barona 31 Street.

TELECOM store was opened on Brivibas 62 Street.

SPORTA STILS sporting goods store was opened on Brivibas 88 Street.

ELKOR acquires a 160’000 square meter territory located at Brivibas gatve 201.


The year of 1998 marked yet another expansion of electronic stores for ELKOR in various locations around the center of Riga City. The company opened a total of 6 electronic stores including prominent single brand stores such as SAMSUNG and NOKIA and a Hi-Fi Studio store featuring hi-grade audio electronics for home use including speaker systems, home theatre systems and much more.

DOMOTEHNIKA store was opened on Brivibas gatve 201.

FOTONAMS store was opened on Brivibas 88.

Computer shop ELKOR on was opened on Grecinieku 30 Street.

Hi-Fi STUDIO store was opened on Audeju 9 Street.

The brand store SAMSUNG was opened on Merkela and Kr. Barona crossroad.

NOKIA shop was opened on Brivibas 88 Street.


In 1999 ELKOR opened an exclusive high-end fashion store under the name of Podium and expanded its business scope into the food industry by opening a grocery store along with a liquor store.

High-end fashion store Podium was opened in the center of Riga City on Kr. Barona Street.

Grocery store PRODEX and a liquor store VINA KOKS were opened adjacent to each other on Kr. Barona Street.


ELKOR opens a British pub named DICKENS located in the historical center and the very heart of Riga, “Old Town”. It was in 2000’s and still is today the most fashionable spot for tourists and natives alike.


ELKOR headquarters, ELKOR service and warehouses were moved to the territory of 1.7 acres on Brivibas gatve 201 acquired in the year of 1997.


ELKOR opened ELKOR TEHNIKA, the largest electrical goods store in Riga at that time, in the shopping mall ALFA.


In 2003 ELKOR devised a new business concept to consolidate its most successful business branches - home electronics and sporting goods - under one roof. This first department store was opened under the name of ELKOR CENTRS located on Brivibas gatve 201.


With bringing of all stores under ELKOR brand name major consolidation is embarked to create ELKOR TEHNIKA, ELKOR SPORT, ELKOR FOTO, ELKOR MŪZIKA, etc. shops.

ELKOR TEHNIKA store was opened at shopping mall Spice with opening of children and household products offering. ( internet site was launched to provide wide range of photography related services.


2005 saw opening of ELKOR CENTRE on Krasta 60 Street, where home electronics and appliances, children's goods, furniture and plumbing goods housed on 14 000 square meters. ELKOR CENTRE Opening Celebration with fireworks, discount sales caused wide range of interest of the population of Riga - opening event hosted more than 10 000 visitors.


Newly built department store ELKOR Plaza on Brīvības gatve 201 was launched to provide the widest range of products - electronics, home appliances, computers, phones, photo goods, household goods, furnishings, children's goods, toys, clothing, sporting goods, etc. along with CAFE PLAZA, on 25 000 square meters.


New luxury flagship department store Podium was opened on Brivibas street. Five floor building with 110’000 square feet become the largest and most attractive top fashion orientated shopping place in the Baltics states.


ELKOR expands the range of products offered - more products for children and everyday life. School stationery and office products branches are opened.

2009 Internet shop was launched to offer full range of products and services provided by Elkor.


Podium Outlet was opened in Riga historical City centre.

ELKOR TEHNIKA store at shopping mall SPICE HOME was opened.


ELKOR FASHION store at shopping mall Spice was opened.


ELKOR SPORT store at shopping mall Spice was opened.


Food&Wine shop was opened near the freedom monument in heart of old town.

The new home goods conceptstore was opened on Krasta street 60.


One of the largest sport shops in Riga - ELKOR SPORT is opened at К. Ulmaņa gatve 114.


ELKOR Gift Shop, the largest souvenir and gift shop in Riga, was opened near the freedom monument, Brīvības bulvāris 19. Souvenirs, artisan handicrafts and art objects typical for Latvia offered in wide range. Guests of Riga will find a lot of nice souvenirs to bring home from Latvia.


New Linen and Amber Shop is opened in Oldriga, Tirgoņu iela 9.

In 2016 luxury fashion center "PODIUM" begins a new stage of life - a new home in the heart of the city - Brivibas Boulevard 21. On "PODIUM" two floors are shown more than 20 world-famous fashion brands.


By investing more than 1.5 million euros, ELKOR Tehnika has significantly expanded the store in the Spice Home, which has became the largest ELKOR store in Pardaugava. Elkor Tehnika is located on the 1st floor in the Spice Home. The shop offers qualitative electronics and home appliances from the world's leading manufacturers of electronics.

Home is located on the 2nd floor in Spice Home shopping center. Elkor Home is a home goods and textile store. It is a home goods and textiles store, where you can buy goods for everyday, home and interier in one place.

The new concept store Elkor Kids Fashion is now opened on Spice shipping center 2nd floor. Elkor Kids Fashion offers wide range of modern clothing, accessories and shoes. Assortment is specially created for kids and teens fashion aged from 3 to 16 year olds.


ELKOR Kids Fashion becomes ELKOR KIDS. A shop that is a dream for each child, because if there are more toys, then there is more bright happiness and true smiles. On offer are construction sets, dolls, radio-operated toys, toy cars, stuffed toys, as well as board games from leading brands.


As the company ELKOR develops online sales in Latvia, it opens pick-up points. Daugavpils, 39 Saules Street. Jelgava, 7 Liela street. Liepaja, 7 Kursu Square. Riga, Elkor Plaza, 201 Brīvības gatve, Elkor Gift Shop, 19 Brīvības boulevard, Elkor Tehnika, T / C Spice Home.