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Loyalty programme regulations

ELKOR customer loyalty programme is the programme intended for loyal customers, entitling to receive special offers, accumulate and use ELKOR money. To become the member of the loyalty programme and use the advantages of the programme, you should register and receive the electronic accounting ELKOR Customer Card. ELKOR reserves the rights to change the loyalty programme regulations, by posting the new regulations on the Internet website www.elkor.lv , or to unilaterally terminate the programme. The new ELKOR customer loyalty programme regulations stake effect on 4-th April 2016 in all ELKOR stores in the territory of the Republic of Latvia.

Membership in ELKOR loyalty programme

1. The membership in ELKOR loyalty programme is governed by the clauses of its “Regulations”.
2. Any natural person, who has reached the age of 12 years, can become the member of the loyalty programme.
3. To become the member of the programme, you should review the regulations thereof. You should complete the application form, which can be received at any ELKOR store or downloaded on the Internet website www.elkor.lv. The completion of the application form is the mandatory precondition for receipt of the Customer Card, The completed application form should be submitted to the cashier of ELKOR store and the fee for production of the card should be paid in the amount of EUR 5.00. The member of the loyalty programme can obtain the Customer Card in any ELKOR store or by post, specifying the desirable type of receipt in the application form.
4. ELKOR loyalty programme member may have only one Customer Card.
5. ELKOR reserves the rights to refuse the membership of the person in ELKOR loyalty programme, upon its own discretion, without providing any oral or written explanations.
6. It is possible to show only the individual number on the Loyalty card.
7. On the first day of making a Loyalty card, the programme member is assigned privilege level 1.
8. If ELKOR Customer Card is lost, the owner of the Card should call on business days from 9:00 - 18:00 o’clock to the phone number: +371 67070702, in order to block the Customer Card. You should tell us your name, surname and another information, that was written in Request application.
9. In case of loss of the Customer Card, in order to receive new Card you should complete the Card application form in any ELKOR store, submit it to the cashier, presenting the personal identification document, and perform the payment of EUR 5.00 for production of the new Card.
10. If the new Card is produced in case of the loss of the Card, the fee for production thereof is not repaid. If the loss of the Customer Card is applied, but the new Card is not yet arranged, it is possible to unblock the old Card. To unblock the Customer Card, you should address any ELKOR store and present the Card and the personal identification document to the cashier. The unblocking of the Customer Card is free of charge.
11. In case of changes in the personal data of the member of the loyalty programme (for example, change of the surname), the member may order the new card, by repeatedly completing the application form and paying the fee for production of the card in the amount of EUR 5.00.
12. The Loyalty card has no expiration date. 
13. In cases, when the Customer Card is lost and the new Card is produced, upon receipt of the Customer Card in cash registers of ELKOR stores, you should present the personal identification document. The personal identification documents should be presented at the cash registers of the stores also in case, if the contact details of the customer are changed.

ELKOR money accumulation

14. The Customer Card is granted by one of the three loyalty programme privilege levels, according to the sum of purchases.
15. With privilege level 1, ELKOR money comprising 5% of the purchase price is transferred to the Loyalty card account. Further on, according to the amount of purchases, programme members will be assigned one of the three privilege levels. With privilege level 2, ELKOR money comprising 7% of the purchase price is transferred to the Loyalty card account, but with privilege level 3 – 10% of the purchase price.
16. When purchasing products at a special Loyalty card holder’s price or discount products, ELKOR money comprising 1% of the purchase price is transferred to a Loyalty card account with privilege level 1, 2% of the purchase price – to a Loyalty card account with privilege level 2, and 3% of the purchase price – to a Loyalty card account with privilege level 3.
17. ELKOR money is not repaid, when acquiring Gift Certificates, prepaid telephone cards, press issues, tobacco products, performing payment for the services (tailor, gift packaging, delivery of the goods, ELKOR SERVISS and ELKOR FOTO services), as well as, if the good is purchased with additional discount. ELKOR money is not repaid also during the special campaigns, which take place in selected stores ELKOR stores.
18. ELKOR money is granted, if the payment for the our chase is performed in cash, performing the wire transfer, as well as when paying for the purchase by ELKOR Gift Certificate.
29. ELKOR money is granted for the good, which is purchased on leasing.
20. ELKOR loyalty programme advantages can be used only by presenting ELKOR Customer Card.

Advantages with ELKOR Customer Card

21. ELKOR Loyalty programme members are entitled to a 15% discount at restaurant-pizzeria STORANO (on the ELKOR PLAZA department store, Brīvības gatve 201, Riga).
22. ELKOR Loyalty programme members who purchase clothing at the ELKOR Fashion clothing section in the ELKOR PLAZA department store (Brīvības gatve 201, Riga) can use tailor services for the alteration of purchased clothing according to the price list, up to EUR 15.00 free of charge.

Summary of offers of ELKOR loyalty programme privilege levels:

Privilege level I II III
Purchase amount, EUR 0–699.99 700-3999.99 4000+
Accumulated ELKOR money for a purchase at a standard price*, % 5 7 10
Accumulated ELKOR money when purchasing goods at a special Loyalty card holder’s price or discount products*, % 1 2 3
Tailor services for the alteration of clothing purchased at the ELKOR Fashion
clothing section in the ELKOR PLAZA department store with a value of up to
EUR 15.00 free of charge, times per year
Discount STORANO, % 15 15 15
* Please see Clause 17 of the loyalty programme regulations, to see, when ELKOR money is not accumulated.

Use of ELKOR money

23. The accumulated ELKOR money can be used, when paying for the purchases in all ELKOR stores, including the cash register of the Internet store www.elkor.lv.
24. Loyalty programme member may select the sum of the use of the accumulated ELKOR money, however it may not exceed 50% of the purchase sum.
25. To use the accumulated ELKOR money for payment of the purchase, you should warn the cashier of the store before execution of the purchase.
26. ELKOR money may not be transferred to other persons, resent or exchanged against cash.
27. You cannot acquire ELKOR Gift Certificates with the accumulated ELKOR money and purchase insurance.
28. In case, if the loyalty programme member returns the purchased good, ELKOR money granted for the purchase is annulled on the next day after the transaction (return of the good).
39. If a programme member has not made any purchases with his or her loyalty card for one years, the ELKOR money accumulated in the Loyalty card account is annulled.

Statement of the accumulated ELKOR money and change of the personal data

30. ELKOR money accumulated for the purchase is transferred into the account of the Card of the loyalty programme member within the period of two business days after performance of the purchase. 
31. In section Amending personal data, you can change the type of receipt of information, contact details (telephone number, e-mail and postal address) and the language of communication, to submit the statement you can an Elkor store or the Client Service Centre of Elkor Plaza. The introduced changes take effect after the data processing, which might take up to 3 business days. If data have not been changed during the period of 3 business days, it means that the introduced changes were not approved (false or non-credible data were submitted).

Collection of personal data

32. To ensure the operation of ELKOR customer loyalty programme, ELKOR collects the personal data provided by the programme members.
33. When becoming ELKOR loyalty programme member, by completing the application form: the programme member approves the authenticity of information, agrees to processing of his/her data in SIA “ETG” customer register and agrees with the loyalty programme regulations, posted on the Internet website www.elkor.lv.
34. ELKOR loyalty programme member agrees that ELKOR may use information of the application form for identification of the member, sending of information about the news, special offers, changes in ELKOR loyalty programme and registration of ELKOR money. The type of communication is determined by the choice of the member, when completing ELKOR loyalty programme Customer Card application form.
35. ELKOR undertakes to keep the programme member personal data secure and not to deliver them to third parties.