Caring for a good mood and a sense of customer safety, ELKOR, in cooperation with AAS BALTA, offers all its customers a special type of insurance for electrical equipment. Buying electrical equipment and mobile devices in the e-shop of ELKOR stores, you can insure them against damage, theft and other accidents, that are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty .

Insurance will protect you from damages that may occur, if the purchase has physical damage, is annihilate or stolen .

PC insurance



Where and how to get insurance service?

Insurance can be acquired at the time of commission of purchase in any ELKOR shop. The seller will inform you of rules of insurance and will prepare the insurance policy.

What devices it is possible to insure?

    -     Mobile phones;
    -     Tablets;
    -     Laptops;
    -     Photo/video equipment;
    -     Home appliances.

What risks are insured and reimbursed?

    -      Physical damage ( any unforeseen physical damage – the broken case which is filled in with liquid the screen or the keyboard, etc.);
    -      Theft ( stealing, robbery – in the presence of the application to the police);
    -      Loss (loss because of easy imprudence).


What are the insurance conditions?

Insurance fee depends on the cost of equipment at the time of purchase.


    -     15% of the value of the goods, in case of damage and theft (the minimum size of the self-risk is 30.00 €)
    -     50% of the value of the goods, in case of loss / loss .

Important cases in which losses are not reimbursed:

    -     Left unattended and, as a result, stolen equipment;
    -     If the insured person was in a state of alcoholic, narcotic intoxication or under the influence of psychotropic substances at the time of the occurrence of some risk;
    -      Other exceptions in the Purchase Insurance Regulations -

 Tablets insurance

Statement for compensation:

It is possible to announce compensation, having called by phone of compensations of AAS Balta 675 333 75.

Take into account!

Insurance offer is valid at the time of purchase.
It is possible to insure with the seller a product whose value does not exceed 2 845.60 EUR.
The validity of the insurance policy- 12 months.
Insurance is valid in all countries of the world.