Creating and using a wish list.

A Wish List is an easy way to get exactly the gift you wish for a holiday! The List will help invited guests in choosing gifts by providing information on the goods that the anniversary celebrant or organizer of the event wishes to receive on the big day.

Wish list

Creating and using of the Wish List.

The customer of the Wish List is hereinafter referred to as the Client, the buyer is hereinafter referred to as the Guest.

1. The Client contacts a Sales-Consultant in any department of ELKOR stores, where he/she wants to create the Wish List;

2. The Sales-Assistant helps to make a list of necessary goods;

3. The Client receives an individual ID code of the list, which he/she informs the Guests;

4. The Client can print the required number of paper copies of the Wish List on ELKOR forms to transfer to his/her Guests, or can receive the List on the e-mail indicated by him/her;

5. The Guest can purchase goods from the Wish List at any ELKOR store by contacting a Seller-Consultant and calling the list ID code ;

6. The Guest provides the Sales-Consultant with a cash receipt for the purchased goods, in order to designate the goods as purchased by entering the cash receipt number into the system;

7. The Client receives a report on the goods purchased by the Guests to the e-mail specified;

8. The Client can make changes to his/her Wish List by contacting any ELKOR store or by calling

+ 371 67070702 within 7 days from the date the List was registered, by calling the ID code and password;

9. When registering the Wish List, the Client indicates its expiration date. The maximum period is 3 months;

10. In two weeks and repeatedly in three days before the end of the validity term of the Wish List, the Client receives a reminder to his/her e-mail.


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