A/S "Lateko Līzings"

Conditions of crediting:

  • Any goods costing between EUR 50-6500

  • Loan term up to 36 months

  • The maximum credit amount is EUR 6 500

  • The amount of credit for the purchase of a mobile phone may not exceed EUR 1200.00 and the maximum repayment period is 24 month

  • The borrower is a resident of the REPUBLIC OF LATVIA with permanent place of work, aged from 18 to 70 years


  • Fixed monthly payment that will allow you to plan your budget

  • Possibility of preschedule repayment, paying interest and service charges only for actually used time lending

  • There is no penalty for early repayment

  • The possibility to postpone the date of payment

    Necessary documents:

  • Passport

  • Identity card (eID card)