Warranty and service

All goods offered in our stores are covered by the manufacturer warranty in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty voucher. Should you have any problems with the good, you can address the shop where you purchased the goods or the service centre, by presenting the warranty voucher and the receipt.

If the goods are sold without warranty voucher, consumers within a period of 24 months from the date of purchased goods have a statutory right to lodge a claim under the terms of the contract item.

Basic warranty

The warranty voucher is issued upon purchase of the good. With the warranty voucher you can perform a free-of-charge repair of the good during the warranty period.

All goods offered on the Internet store ELKOR.LV are covered by the warranty prescribed by legislation of the Republic of Latvia. Upon receipt of the good you also receive the warranty documents, which explain the warranty condition.

If during the warranty period there is a manufacturing defect detected in the good, the free-of-charge repairs are performed according to the manufacturer’s regulations. In such case you can address the service specified in the warranty voucher.

When addressing the warranty service, it is necessary to present the warranty voucher and the document confirming the purchase of the good. To avoid misunderstandings, please carefully review the instructions for use of the good.

Recalling that consumers within a period of 24 months from the date of delivery the goods have a statutory right to lodge a claim under the terms of the contract item.

Warranty Cancellation:

  • if the good intended for personal (household) needs, was used for gaining of profit, production needs or other impermissible purposes;
  • if the good was used, without observing the warning specified in the instructions for use thereof;
  • if there are traces of non-qualified repairs visible on the good;
  • if there were changes performed in the construction or scheme of the good;
  • if the serial number of the good is changed, deleted or not identifiable.

Damages, which annul the warranty:

  • damages caused by intrusion of the foreign bodies, substances, liquids, insects inside the good;
  • damages caused by natural calamity, fire, household conditions, accidental external factors (steep change of voltage in the electrical power network, etc.), as well as accidents;
  • damages caused by non-conformity of the parameters of feeding, telecommunication and cable networks and other external factors;
  • damages caused by using non-standard or non-quality materials, spare parts, accessory materials, accessories, use of various information carriers.

The warranty does not refer to:

  • To disposable materials, sets of accessories and feeding elements, if such replacement is provided for in the construction and it is not related to the dismantling of the good.

ELKOR.LV does not assume any liability for possible harm, which the good might directly or indirectly cause to people, pets or property.

Rights to return the good:

  • The Republic of Latvia Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 255 “Regulation on the Distance Contract” states that the purchase is entitled to refuse from the contract within the period of 14 calendar days and return the good purchased on the Internet store to the seller.
  • Paragraph six of Section 12 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law states that the consumer shall be liable for preservation of the quality and safety of the good during the period of exercising the rights of refusal.